1. Air Conditioning Equipment is the same no matter where you purchase it.

My name is Michael “Mikee” Stover. My parents, Mike and Patti have operated Action since 1982. The first thing you need to know about air conditioning is every air conditioning manufacturer puts out a similar product. Amana is similar to Goodman- Carrier which is similar to Bryant – Trane which is similar to American Standard. When choosing an air conditioning company, choose quality of service and quality of people over perceived quality of equipment. Every day my parents make me proud. Patti runs the office while my Dad, Mike, tirelessly works through plans and energy sheets. The more disrespectful a customer is, the more respect my parents treat them with. They care whether or not you are happy with your service or your new install. I’ll never forget, when I was in high school, Mom, Dad and I want to the Florida Gators basketball facility for a summer camp. The first words out of my Dad’s mouth were, “Think about how much space there is to air condition in here.” While other people work solely for profits, my parents work for the love of comfort, their love of interacting with people, and their love of our family. Don’t make the mistake of buying the cheapest thing you can find off of some guys truck. Come and enjoy the experience of being treated like a priority, and knowing that Action, Mike and Patti are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We live to care for the comfort of your family.

2. Action Heating and Air Conditioning has endured.

Let’s go back to the late 90’s. I was playing Pop Warner football. Dad coached me on the weekends, and then took me to race go-karts at 103rd street in Jacksonville. We frequently had birthday parties and anniversaries in the car. My parents dedicated all of their time to the business and to me, without looking out much for themselves. Business was good, I was winning races – it was a happy time. Fast forward to 2005. I was a junior in high school and the recession had hit. My friends were losing their houses, I listened to Mom and Dad talk about “closing the doors” many, many more times than I care to remember. My parents are so strong. The doors never closed, the machine never stopped. When things got the darkest, Mike and Patti relied on their reputation in the community and their work ethic to see us through. They transitioned into the virtual age by creating a beautiful website, hiring a younger and more energetic team, ever pushing forward. Action survived, and we survived to thrive again. It is almost poetic, and certainly inspiring. At least to their Son.

3. We have the best team in the business.

I have seen this ship sail since 1982. There were times when our install crew had fighting within the ranks. Those days are passed. We have an absolutely stellar install crew. Headed by Frank Waycaster, who just celebrated 15 years with Action, those guys flat out work. They are polite, wildly efficient, and damn good looking fellas. You want to see your house go from hot to cold in about 3 hours, call Action.

Our install crew is only rivaled by the Service crew. Ed Rossie, a 20 year veteran at action, is the truth. He knows just about as much about an air conditioner as my Father, and that’s a whole lot. Ed lived with my parents and me for about 2 years when he first started working for us. That just goes to show you this is a family. Nipping at Ed’s heels is Paul Morrill, a 6 year veteran at action who takes air conditioning to the next level. Paul is about my age, and creatively solves and problem that there is at a job. One of those guys is on call 24/7 – you are in great hands.

I would put our service and install crew up against any commercial or residential air conditioning company in America, without hesitation. Consider it a call out.

4. Action is a great place to work.

Let’s face it, happy people equal productivity. My parents treat our team with respect, compensate them well, and provide them a clean and drug free environment to work in. There is never a light out here thanks to Mom. There is never a person without something to do thanks to Dad. If you come to the office, you will receive a smile from Ms. Janet, and a handshake from my Uncle, Greg Rudderow. You will have an inquiry in to your personal life, your family, and if something is wrong, we will ask if we can help? Just a week ago, two gentlemen came into the office while my Dad and I were talking at the front door. My Father asked them what he could do for them. They asked for a capacitor. My Dad gave them a capacitor for free. It almost made me cry. I believe it is how you treat people in life that makes who you are. In our day in age, it is almost impossible to stick to your principles with money concerns, competition, and what not. Mom and Dad do it every day, and that makes me proud.

5. We love what we do.

One of my favorite quotes from my Dad is, “Son, if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” That quote has given me more courage and more passion than I think he will ever know. Mom wakes up at 3 a.m. every morning – no joke. She is at the office by 5, and never gets home before 6. I have, on many occasions considered cutting her to see if she is human, or machine. My Dad has a wonderful mathematical mind, he is efficient, precise, and more often than I would like to admit, correct. They both work until the job is done, and then work to prepare for the coming jobs. They never stop. When I was tasked to write this blog, I didn’t know how I was going to sell Action. But the truth is, Action sells itself. The name is self explanatory. Whenever you are sweating your butt off, and you want Action, we are here. My parents never have and never will be scared to be who they are, they will tell you the truth, and give you a pressure free option to improve the quality of the comfort in your home. I’m proud to be here, and we are proud to be, Action Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.