Air Conditioner in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

We all know how to access a thermostat and set the desired comfort level in our home or office, but what’s going on behind the scenes? How is that cold air being created anyway?

Your air conditioner (or heat pump) is responsible for the cool air, but cool air is not what it produces. Does that sound confusing? Keep reading: when your thermostat registers that the air inside is too warm, the air conditioner turns on and begins compressing refrigerant. This releases the heat energy in the refrigerant, and it is dissipated into the air outside. The now ice cold refrigerant is pumped back inside to the indoor coil. Warm, humid air from the home is pulled through the return air duct, and then forced through the chilled coil. This dehumidifies and cool the air!

AC Installation

If you have a home that needs a new Ponte Vedra Beach air conditioner installation, you’ve come to the right place! Action has received elite certifications from leading manufacturers proving our dedication to technical excellence and outstanding customer service. Many details go into a great AC installation, and if they are not handled correctly, the performance, efficiency and reliability of your equipment suffers. Trust Action Air to do the job right!

We are a Ponte Vedra Beach air conditioner contractor who has been keeping local residents comfortable for many years. Call us today at (904) 819-0234 for a free air conditioning installation estimate.


Thermostats & Controls

Modern HVAC controls offer so many options. Things like 7-day programming, humidity control and even remote access from an Internet browser! Some thermostats like the Trane® Comfortlink will even provide you with weather forecasts and other fun perks that take current thermostats to a whole new level.


Air Handler (Fan Coil)

As mentioned above, when your Ponte Vedra Beach air conditioner compresses and cools refrigerant, it is pumped inside to the indoor coil. That coil is typically housed in what is called an air handler (also known as a fan coil). In addition to the indoor coil, an air handler also has a fan motor that is responsible for pulling air from the home, and forcing the warm, humid air through the chilled coil. We offer air handlers with variable speed motors for whisper quiet operation.


Electronic Air Cleaner

What is an electronic air cleaner? On a normal split system, there is a filter that sits before your air conditioning system. It filters air that is pulled from the home before it enters the system, and is sent back into the home. Normal filters only catch large airborne particles. However an electronic air filter uses a 3-stage process to trap and destroy microscopic particles such as mold, bacteria and even the flu virus! Plus they keep your cooling system cleaner, which means better efficiency.

We appreciate your consideration of Action for your air conditioning service in St. Augustine. From maintenance to repairs on any make and model to new installations, we’ll provide you with the finest service in town!