Air Conditioning Installation in St. Augustine, FL

If you walk away with one fact, one piece of information today, we want it to be this: your air conditioning installation is extremely important to the longevity, efficiency and performance of your air conditioning system. We’ve heard one too many stories of homeowners who tried to skimp on the install only to end up with major regrets. What type of regrets? Sometimes, to the tune of thousands of dollars to fix an install gone bad.

The AC installation done for your St. Augustine home must be handled by a professional so that design, equipment selection and sizing, and the actual equipment and ducting installation are done according to industry best standards for proper air flow, performance, efficiency and reliability.

Action Heating & Air Conditioning is a leading St. Augustine AC installation company. Our extensive cooling experience combined with amazing customer service will leave you happy and with a system that is second to none! Call us today at (904) 819-0234.

air conditioning installation

We’ve been in the business of keeping Floridians comfortable since 1982, and our commitment to quality solutions and excellent service will leave you with a smile!