Heating & Air Conditioning Products

Air Conditioners

An American Standard Air Conditioner will keep your home cool and comfortable even on the hottest days – and use less energy doing it. Experience what total home comfort can feel like today.

From the high-end Platinum series to the durable units in the Silver series, no matter which American Standard AC unit you choose, remember that you’re getting central air you can count on. When you choose American Standard, you get engineering and craftsmanship paired with higher quality air and comfort.

Heat Pumps

Don’t let the name fool you – American Standard heat pumps heat and cool your home – making them a more energy efficient system in many ways. See if one’s right for you today.

Quiet operation and customizable heating and humidity controls make the American Standard heat pumps an ideal choice for your home. Don’t let winter weather and summer scorchers sneak up on you and your family. Invest in a heat pump and enjoy year-long comfort today.

Air Handler

American Standard air handler provides your home with reliable and efficient comfort year round.

American Standard provides homeowners with the ability to cool and heat every corner of the home with cleaner, more comfortable air. Each HVAC Air Handler Unit (AHU) can be paired with a heat pump or air conditioner in order to efficiently circulate warm or cool air throughout your house.

Packaged Systems

Enjoy the comfort and convenience of winter-and-summertime relief all in one sleek package.

With an American Standard Packaged System, you can heat or cool your home without multiple units taking up space. There’s a variety of packaged heating and cooling systems and configurations to choose from. Select Packaged Systems are compatible with American Standard AccuClean™ whole home air cleaner. AccuClean™ is certified asthma & allergy friendly® by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Thermostats & Zoning

Easy-to-use, digital thermostats put you in control of your home and comfort. Available with remote access, 7-day programming, and more.

An American Standard AccuLink™ Zoning System gives you even more control over your home heating and cooling. AccuLink™ is convenient and easy to use, letting you set specific temperatures for individual zones in the house.

Indoor Air Quality

Modern homes and buildings are built to be energy efficient, but this traps toxins, mold, viruses and other air borne toxins inside, cycling them into every part of your home.

Products like humidifiers and air filters can help improve indoor air quality by filtering out allergens and adding moisture to the air you breathe.

Ductless System

Great for your new home or replacing your HVAC system with a quieter and more efficient solution.

Mitsubishi ductless systems feature advanced technologies that allows you to enjoy more precise comfort and healthier air in one room or your whole home – while saving on your energy bills and contributing to a greener planet.